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Peppers, Peppers, PEPPERS

September 19, 2012


I’ve got quite a few lovely peppers from the farm right now in the fridge.

We’ve had big bells for the past few weeks, so one night I stuffed them with caramelized onions, browned chunks of Italian sweet sausage, left over diced roasted potatoes, roasted garlic & romano cheese. Plus some breadcrumbs on top. (A variation of my other stuffed pepper recipe. ) They were beautifully balanced — mellow but also brimming with the complimentary flavors & textures of all the ingredients. Just delicious.

Other dark green bells went into a seafood soup broth I made and popped into the freezer.

It’s a recipe I typically make using all chicken stock, but this time I replaced half the stock with a robust & complex brew I’d collected after steaming lobsters, mussels, chorizo & corn over water I’d seasoned with celery, garlic, onion, ground pepper, bay leaf and a dash of wine vinegar. Fantastic stuff.

And another few bells plus jalapeño, ancho & padron hotties went into a nice batch of hot pepper jelly. Here’s the recipe. It’s hot but not too hot and especially wonderful on top of a cracker that’s been spread with cream cheese.

Another night I took four lovely pale green bells (not sure of variety) seeded them, & then cut them along their ridges to make wedges. Then I spooned leftover refried beans into the wedges.

I put them on a pan that had been lined with non stick foil & drizzled with EVOO & seasoned them liberally with salt & pepper. Then I sprinkled just a little shredded cheddar over each one.

I covered the pan with more non stick foil & baked it for 20 mins at 375 with the convection fan on.

They were insanely good. So good in fact, that I forgot to take a picture. But thankfully I made them again tonight so I could include a pic at the top of this post!

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