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Too Busy to Cook

September 6, 2012


Labor Day weekend was the most gorgeous weekend of the entire summer. Sunny, breezy, dry. Spectacular.


The hummingbirds were regular visitors — finally! I’d wondered where they’d been all summer. At some other garden I’d supposed, even though I’d loaded mine with the flowers they love.

The dogs, per usual, enjoyed themselves fully. If they weren’t resting, they were wrestling. Or eating. Or wagging for pets. They have a rough life!

The official end of summer in our town is always marked by a wonderful evening on the beach. We picnic there first, then enjoy the fantastic fireworks show that our fire department organizes. This year we were greeted by the light of a nearly full moon, which turned from pink to gold as the sun set and the skies darkened. And then, as they do every Labor Day, sparkles filled the night. Beautiful.

So OF COURSE, I had no time to cook!

But I’ve got some definite cooking plans … And one is to dig into Appetite for China, a terrific Chinese cooking blog that I learned about from a friend’s posts on Pinterest. Take a look. You may find you’re as inspired to get out your wok as I am!

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