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Country Ribs Braised with Curried Carrots & Coconut Milk

August 19, 2012


My fridge was absolutely loaded with carrots I’d picked at the farm, so the other day I made a cold curried carrot soup recipe from Epicurious.

I’d made it before & deemed it delicious, but this time I didn’t have a big crowd to serve it to — there were just the two of us — so I had a lot left over.

That’s when I decided to see how it might work as a braising liquid for the country ribs I also had on hand.

Afterall, the soup’s consistency wasn’t very different than the carrots etc that go into a pot of braising osso bucco.

The flavor profile, however, was very different. But carrots, curry & coconut milk all go beautifully with pork.

Happily the resulting dish was a hit!

You’ll Need:

Curried Carrot Soup, prepared as per Epicurious

1 package bone in country ribs – about 6 or 7

2 tbs canola oil

1 cup white wine

A large Dutch oven with a lid

Roughly chopped cilanrtro for garnish


1. Heat the canola oil in the Dutch oven over medium high heat on the stove.

2. When it starts to shimmy, add the country ribs & brown, about 5 minutes for each side.

3. Pour the carrot soup over the ribs, give a good stir, cover the pot and pop it into a 325 degree oven. If you have a convection fan, turn it on.

4. Let it cook for about an hour. Then give it another good stir & add the white wine.

5. Cover and continue braising in the oven about another 45 minutes. The meat will be extremely tender & fall off the bone.

6. Then remove the cover & cook another 10 minutes or so, allowing the pork to brown up a bit.

7. Garnish with roughly chopped cilantro & serve with rice.


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