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The Latest Deer Report: A Healthy Garden in Recovery!!

July 18, 2012


I don’t want to jinx it BUT things in my garden have recovered beautifully.

What’s changed since early June when the deer decimated everything?

The deer lady has been spraying every week. Inside our fence and outside. Pretty much every plant we have.

We installed two rows of fishing line in the shrubs & trees — one row knee high, the other row chest high, all along the outer perimeter of the property. Supposedly, they can’t see the line … so when they feel it, they recoil.

I planted dozens & dozens of reliable deer resistant perennials — many varieties of catmint, grasses & sage mostly — around and amidst all the tasty plants the deer seem to love best.

As for what predates our renewed deer containment efforts, sadly, much of the hydragnea got too badly eaten, at the exact wrong time earlier in the season, and won’t be blooming. Remarkably, though some were totally spared and are thriving.

Most other things got eaten too, but they thankfully were repeat bloomers that didn’t much mind the haircut.

Yes, I still see the deer every day near the property. So they haven’t forgotten we’re here.

And I still wake up every morning with a mix of hopefulness & dread, as I check to see if my flowers are still there.

I know how bad the deer problem is here. The fact is, things are SO bad deer wise that at long last our town board is considering real plans to cull the herd through multiple means by 50% over the next 3 years.

Please let those plans pass.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping they steer clear of our yard, and our cars. And leave their nasty ticks elsewhere too.
















One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Wow your yard came back beautifully!

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