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Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms

July 3, 2012


When the zucchini & other summer squash are in season, one of life’s great pleasures can be found in the farm fields: squash blossoms.

And if you’re lucky to know a vegetable gardener, or belong to a co-op farm as I do, don’t miss the chance to reward yourself by picking a few dozen of these very perishable gems when they’re at their peak.

(Good farm stands also sell them but they tend to be expensive!)

Then prepare them that very night as a treat for yourself and the people you love.

Full disclosure: this preparation is a bit labor intensive. It’s not difficult at all, but patience, delicacy & time are definitely required.

Still, during those few weeks in summer when the blossoms are golden and gorgeous on the vine, this special and fantastically delicious preparation is well worth it!

You’ll Need:

A few dozen fresh picked male squash blossoms (you can identify the males as they won’t be bearing squash directly behind them on the vine)

6 heaping tbs Ricotta cheese

2 tbs Romano cheese

1/2 tsp Ground pepper

1 cup Flour

1 tbs Corn starch

1 1/2 cups Seltzer

Coarse salt

5 tbs Canola Oil

5 tbs EVOO

A colander

2 medium mixing bowls

A teaspoon

A deep fry pan

A set of tongs

A platter lined with paper towels


1. Under a gentle spray in the sink, carefully wash each blossom individually. They generally aren’t dirty but they often have insects inside that need to be rinsed away.

2. Carefully lay them open blossom side down in the colander, so the insides can fully drain. Leave them on the counter to air dry until you are ready to cook them.

3. In one of the medium bowls, combine the ricotta, romano & pepper.

4. In the other medium bowl, combine the flour, corn starch & seltzer with the whisk until smooth.

5. Combine the canola & evoo in the fry pan.

6. Take a blossom and gently pull apart the petals to create an opening for the cheese stuffing. With a teaspoon, fill the opening with cheese, then seal the cheese in the blossom by pinching & twisting the petals. Repeat with all the blossoms.

7. Heat the oil in the fry pan over medium high heat. Once the oil begins to shimmy, it’s ready.

8. Take a stuffed blossom and dip it fully in the flour batter, then carefully lay it in the hot oil. It should sizzle right away.

9. Continue batter dipping & laying the blossoms in the oil until the pan is loosely filled. Don’t crowd or they will stick together etc.

10. When the bottom edges look browned, gently turn the blossom, being careful not to pierce it with the tongs.

11. Once the blossom is a deep golden brown on both sides, remove it to the paper lined platter & sprinkle with coarse salt.

12. Continue until all the blossoms are cooked & serve immediately.

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