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Help, I’m Deer Repellent Obsessed!

June 2, 2012


June 14, 2012 Oh No!!! … Deer Picnics

Three nights in a row last week, deer hoped our fence, scoffed at all my efforts, and decimated my garden.

The hydrangeas, echinacea, roses, bee balm, annuals — in fact virtually everything (except for the butterfly bushes, iris & lavender) got chewed up.

I was seriously bummed. I mean seriously. It’s one thing when they get at stuff early and eat leaves. But this time they got all the flower buds too.

About all I could do was get out there with my snipper and cut things back so they looked neater & not so horribly eaten.

Then I spent a few days contemplating deer fencing. But we live on the water, making deer fencing a pretty unattractive view spoiler.

Ultimately, I contacted a service that promises great results. They visit the property weekly, generously spraying their proprietary blends of eco friendly deer repellents and granules at least twice a month, and always reapply after a rain.

This service isn’t cheap. Ok I’ll admit it, it’s kind of expensive.

But it’s only June and there’s still a chance I’ll have flowers this year. A lot of what I have planted are repeat bloomers.

And the cost of the service is nothing compared to the cost of all the plants, compost, mulch and time I’ve put in for 3 years creating my garden.

I’m a little hopeful. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

Meanwhile, yesterday I bought more butterfly bushes.

Stay tuned!


7th Application, June 1, 2012: Coyote Urine Granules

Things look so good, so lush, so healthy that I can’t seem to stop spreading deer repellents…

I’m always surprised this doesn’t smell as bad as I expect it will.

Whether it’s just plain luck or because of my efforts so far, amazingly, everything on the property remains untouched by deer. Plants have leaves, buds, flowers — even in the unfenced front yard.

So I sprinkled the coyote granules liberally this time, especially in the front, hoping to keep this great run going.

And I have accepted the inevitable — that I will be using SOMETHING every week, all season long, to keep these critters away.

I’ve become obsessed.

But there are worse obsessions.


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