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Cookies: The BEST Cookie Cookbooks

February 23, 2012


Last week some guests helped us finish off the last of the Christmas cookies. It’s pretty amazing that we still had any left this late in February, so it was a real treat!

Every year I bake for about a month – typically in November — and carefully pack each variety individually in the freezer.

I’ve been baking voluminous amounts of cookies this way for decades, and although some recipes make it into the rotation every year, I also try to add something new to the mix.

I wish I could say these recipes were my own creations. Alas, they are not.

They come from cookbooks both new and well worn, as well as good friends with the same penchant for cookie baking.

In the coming months, I’ll post individual recipes, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite sources: great cookbooks with some equally great cookie recipes.

Add them to your bookshelf — and happy baking!

Chewey Gooey Crispy Crunchy
What a fantastic book this is! From the sheer variety of recipes to the careful instruction to the fabulous results. Without question, the best recent addition to my cookie cookbook library.

The Gourmet Cookie Book
Gourmet has a trusted reputation for creativity & quality and this book definitely meets that standard.

The Joy of Cooking 1973 Edition
Even if you already have The Joy of Cooking in your collection, this 1973 edition will be a welcome addition. It features so many handy recipes that aren’t featured in newer versions, among them confections that have been favorites of mine for more than 20 years.

Maida Heatter’s Cookies
Maida Heatter is the Queen of baking (her cake books are legendary) and no baking library would be complete without them. Her recipes are flawless and her instructions so detailed that your success is pretty much guaranteed.

The Silver Palate Cookbook
I was lucky enough to live around the corner from this special NYC shop years ago, and my well worn copy of this classic book is testament to its value in my kitchen. There are cookie recipes in this book that I’ve made every single year since, well, forever!

The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion
Ah, King Arthur Flour. If you know their catalog or their Facebook page, you know the temptations they offer. This book is a terrific collection of cookie recipes of all stripes. I’ve tried quite a few, and haven’t run into a clunker yet!

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